Keep your mouth shut


P.S: This is a sticky post, SO KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT!


Diproteksi: Movie Poster

Konten ini diproteksi dengan password. Untuk melihatnya cukup masukkan password Anda di bawah ini:


Convert 6500 to 5500 size


Just some sharing. I converted my Abu Premium Mag Elite 6500 C3 CT in to a “open cage” 5500 CS.

Here’s just some pics. Total damage: S$70

The foot fetish got shunned by netizens

Well, see my screenshot for proof.

If I have more money…

I’ll keep buying loads of stuffs.

Try them out for a day, then sell it off.

Motive? Well, there is a motive. But that can only be done if I have more money.

How to reach 50k page impressions like this!

WTB: HIS HD 5670

Shit. Now I feel wasted buying the MSI GT240 1GB.

Should have done my homework like I used to. For a similar spec’d and performance, ATI HD 5670 is better!

Now I’m gonna create a WTS thread. Cheap2. Still full warranty. LOL.

Watch out for it.

Gigabyte EG41MF-US2H

My 2nd brother’s comp broke down the other day, and with my vast experience, I realised that the motherboard has broke down.

It’s a 3 years old MSI P35-Neo board. It’s about time I would say.

Anyway, I went back to Sim Lim and looked for a new board under S$200 mark.

My main features required:

– 1 PCI-E 16x slot
– 4x RAM slots supporting dual channel
– Has integrated graphics
– No useless Serial port or Parallel ports on back I/O panel

So after doing some soul searching, I settled for Gigabyte EG41MG-US2H

I loved the nice colour scheme, very refreshing.

And it fits under the bill… Just S$150. You probably can get it cheaper if bundled with a CPU (in which I didn’t, I still have a spare E8400 lying around doing nothing).

Anyway, the blue PCB has a tint of blue and white… Good choice of colours! Not the usual Red/Orange combos you usually see in most Gigabyte boards. Colour scheme looks like it’s more well uniformed and not so distracting to the eye.

Anyway, it’s a mATX board which is good enough, since my brother doesn’t do gaming or and video rendering, in which he don’t need a lot of PCI slots or even CrossFire and SLI support.

As usual, Gigabyte’s patented Dual-BIOS is what makes me attracted to in the first place. My brother cannot stand computer breakdowns! He’ll jump the moment the computer doesn’t work!

Also, another consideration I took was the touted 2 oz copper. Not sure what it does, but seems like it will help in overclocking.

But is this an overclockable board? I haven’t personally tried it yet.

My brother is still using e4200 CPU, which works quite well and ran cool with stock fan (idle @ 36′, load @ 65′)

Will post some overclocking capabilities when I managed the time.


My initial review:


– slightly expensive for their range of boards across other brands, but who doesn’t want that Dual-BIOS?
– No front panel ez-connectors like Asus board has
– No passive coolings around MOSFET areas
– No eSATA
– Requires separate IEEE 1394 connector for Firewire
– Probably makes 2 SATA useless when fitted with a super huge graphics card like the GTX295.


– Well laid out board
– DVI, HDMI & VGA support back I/O. Good for diagnotics purposes
– Uniformed RAM slots, more aligned, meaning room for a good RAM cooler

Initial rating: 3.5/5

Will see how the overclocking does in the next few days when I’m free…