Drunk old man, veteran gangster on the loose

I was hanging out with my usual friends at the local coffeeshop when suddenly an old man came up to one of my friend and thought that he was part of another gang’s group.

So, he said “you wait for my friend to come, don’t run away.”

We waited, and “his friend” came. He thought what was going on, and asked us what’s the matter.

We told him, we are just bunch of regulars who just having a cup of tea while chit-chatting and laughing away. Not until that old man thinks that we’re in a group.

Sorry ah old man, we’ve got no time to mix with bunch guys who just likes to beat up other gangs. We might as well go karaoke and waste our money there.


Real interview verdict, and my complete interview details revealed…

If you guys keep coming back for this, I really don’t know what to say.

Honestly, my blog isn’t even publicized to any of my friends, so I really wonder where all these readers come from. Whoever you are, welcome to my blog, and I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay here!

Anyway, I didn’t manage to secure the job. It’s probably because I wasn’t as outstanding as any of the other candidates she might have interviewed with. How did I know? She told me that if I don’t receive a call by today (Friday), the job probably has been offered to someone else.

So the interview questions? Here they are… (in no particular order, cause I can’t really remember!)

Upon arriving, she said to me “we’re just here for an interview, but don’t worry: treat it like a casual talk”

Q: What are you currently doing?
A: Currently, I’ve just ORD-ed and has been job searching for the past 6 months. During these 6 months, I have been helping my uncle at his cafe in a “on-and-off” basis, while looking for a job.

Q: Do you have any working experience?
A: I don’t have any relevant working experience, however I do have working experience during my attachment period as an IT Analyst Assistant. Other than that, I do quite a lot of administrative duties during my National Service as a Supply Supervisor.

Q: So you are a supervisor in your NS. Tell me more about it.
A: As a Supply Supervisor, my main job is to monitor my men and managed a few stores. I have to occasionally log into the system to retrieve store information, then transfer those information into a report, and give it to the men as regular checks. Apart from that, I have to retrieve various ad-hoc reports for my boss, where he will then give other specific instructions on what I should do with those excess stores.

Q: So he asks you for comments on those reports?
A: Sometimes, he asks me what I think about those stores. I will give him some options, but normally he makes the call. I do not make any high level decisions that might affect the store or the camp status.

Q: Tell me what you don’t like.
A: I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask, but if it’s food, I don’t like seafood and durians.

Q: What are your strengths?
A: I think it’s my ability to be able to look into finer details of an instruction given so as not to miss critical instructions when given a task to do.

Q: What about your weaknesses?
A: I think it’s taking too much time on small little details. For example, I might not get satisfied over a “done” job, and might look into getting other things into it, which might make it irrelevant, thus taking longer to finish than expected.

Q: Tell me about you hobbies.
A: I have a few hobbies, but the main ones would be playing computer games, fishing and playing music.

Q: So which one (of the hobbies) are you most passionate about?
A: Most of my friends think I’m very talented with the computers, so I should say I’m most passionate at computers. I tend to look for newer gadgets and latest technologies that’s currently happening, and I like to find out more about the product. For example, the iPhone, there’s quite a few things you can do with it like messing with it’s system, and make it more useful. That’s why most of my friends consider me “different” than other regular people. Maybe because I liked to be different?

Q: It seems like you are very creative and innovative. Do you consider yourself to be one?
A: I would say so, as I liked to get things done in a better way. I liked to improve on “current methods”. Like for example, during my NS, I was assigned to do some forms on rations on a weekly basis. Since I will be working on that, I told myself “there’s something I can do about this thing”, so I made some excel formulas to my worksheet. That way, if I’m going to leave and an understudy take over me, I just told him “just change this value, and everything will be calculated for you”.

Q: Are you proficient with Excel?
A: I would say, Excel has been second-nature to me. It’s because I have been working with Excel sheets during my NS almost every day.

Q: You sounded like you can talk with an external customer. By the way you sound on the phone, I think you are that.
A: (no answer required. I just smiled)

Q: Do you consider yourself a fast learner?
A: I think I do. I have been given a few tasks to learn new things, and I have been able to grasp them perfectly.

Q: State an example.
A: During my attachment period, I was assigned to learn about PeopleSoft codings. That’s because their Enterprise System uses such codings and I should work with it. Weeks later, they gave me an mini assignment to test my codes, and they were impressed. However, they then realised that they don’t need me to code in PeopleSoft as I can use my Java programming onto their Enterprise System too. So they scraped the idea, and let me code in Java for all my other assignments.

Q: Tell me about what you do during your attachment period.
A: The company has this “Enterprise System” where every employee has access to it. It’s like a personal website with a lot of widgets. So my tasks is to develop some widgets for their Enterprise System. I was then assigned to develop a weather widget, where I have to extract information from NEA’s website, then display it. I had another assignment where I have to develop an employees search engine, where I work with the network directories, and extract information based on their search queries. These are then displayed in a format, something like a Google search, and display relevant information about those employees.

Other questions don’t really fit into this post, so they have been omitted, or have been forgotten. The answers may not be like the ones I’ve written here, but it’s close. I don’t really remember every single word I said. 😛

Anyway, I still think my interviewing skills suck. Maybe I should lie more. Or try to be even more convincing. Maybe with what I said is not enough to capture her heart. Well, I should just try harder next time.

Going for my first interview definitely gives me a clue on how a real interview looked and feel like. At least, the experience I gained might help me perform better on my next few interviews.

Here are some things you should avoid during an interview (in my own opinion):

  • Don’t shake your legs, even if you can’t help it.
  • Keep moving your hands around like you’re restless.
  • Losing eye contact during the talking. I noticed that she NEVER moved her eyes away from me. If she’s in a staring competition, she would definitely win.

Here are some things you should do:

  • Speak loud and clear. Do not stammer. If you’re born stammering, don’t worry, interviewers don’t hate you for that.
  • Be confident of your answers. Remember this tip: State a point, state an example, then elaborate. Make sure you have your answers ready whenever it’s asked.
  • Look into the eye when talking as much as possible. If you’re nervous, look into one of their ears of nose, it will looked like you’re looking at them in their eyes. This trick is tried and tested during a few of my personal tests I’ve made with a few friends. You should try it out.
  • Have your documents ready, they might as for it.
  • Have a few spares of your resume, they might need it.
  • Keep a good posture, smile always, and be friendly. No employer wants to hire a rowdy personnel.

Well, I’m going to look out for more job offers. I hope the phone keeps on ringing in the near future.


Happy Birthday teeshah!

Just wanna say,

Happy Birthday teeshah!

Hope you do well in your future endeavors. Stay cute and funky always!

P.S: Doesn’t that sound like those typical birthday wishes during your primary school days? Hmmm… :/

And the real verdict of my interview is…

Wait for tomorrow.

Hehehe… A bit of a suspense isn’t it? Anyway, I hope I get to secure that job. Although it’s a contracted one, I fully hope it’ll be a full time job.

I’m sick and tired of wasting anymore time and rotting at home anymore.

Patent on images links

Apparently, there’s an ongoing battle with this australian who says that the whole world-wide-web has infringed their technology for hyperlinks using images.

I wonder, is it their technology that makes the wonders, or is it the creator of WWW?

Just because it’s a patent, it’s sounds like an abused one. If the court rule in their favour of such patents, we’re going to go back to the era where internet is all text based.

Why do such people ever exist in the first place. They’re destroying mankind’s greatest invention!

What’s with Malaysia banning petrol sales to foreign vehicles?

I find it ridiculous that such a rule is even being implemented.

Don’t they find it ludicrous and nonsensical to impose such a ban without weighing it’s pros and cons?

Here are thoughts about it… (about the ban)


  • prevent petrol abuse due to difference in currency of affected countries
  • due to that, petrol consumption gets over-used, but less money is involved
  • less foreign vehicles in hotspots
  • less vehicles = less work = less workers = less money to pay for salaries = more profit!


  • if the vehicle REALLY wasn’t just going into Malaysia to just top up petrol, then they’re in deep shit
  • i can smell illegal activities, or even malaysian vehicles buying petrol for singaporean registered cars and doing business on another place (other than the petrol kiosk)
  • singaporeans who works in malaysia gets the biggest impact because if they have singapore registered cars, they can’t top it up, and have to probably carry reserves just to make sure the vehicle is moving
  • less petrol sales in kiosk = less visitors = less money = close shop (in the long run)
  • workforce cut down, as there will be less people prowling the street cleaning the windows just to earn a quick buck. these people are thriving on foreign vehicles because they’re own kind doesn’t want to support them!

Well whatever the final decision might be, I hope they think hard about it. It’s killing their own kind, and reducing their potential sales. In business terms, bad business strategy = bad money = less economic power.

Think about it.

Please give up this seat to someone who needs it more than you do

If you’re from Singapore, or have travelled to Singapore, and has rode the MRT a gazillion times, you definitely would have noticed that bright yellow sign that reads: Please give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you do.

Apparently, not everyone is being social-minded and kind-hearted, or even educated enough to understand that phrase. (If I have the picture, I will post it in the future)

Sometimes, I pity those people who are old and fragile, or young career women who are pregnant, or even mother of 10, whenever they board the MRT during the pig peak hours, from 5pm – 7pm, where literally every Singaporean workforce who travels by MRT will TRY TO SQUEEZE THEIR BLOODY ASSES into the train like a packed sardines.

Firstly, where’s our “Be Courteous” campaign that was DRILLED into my head during my primary school days? Our teachers always say: Let the passengers alight first before boarding.

Followed with the irritating announcements made every 5 mins on the MRT platform that says “Please allow passengers to alight first before boarding. Thank you.”, doesn’t even gets drilled into those “educated” Singaporeans. Talk about being courteous. Courtesy begins with YOU.

What I’m writing today is regarding the mind-set of our fellow kind Singaporeans. I know you’re tired. But you don’t deserve that seat more than the rest. You can be sleepy, you can be tired, but at least have the courtesy to TRY not to sleep, or ignore someone who definitely needs that seat you’re seating on.

It doesn’t really have to be the corner seats. Any seats will do. Don’t you guys believe in karma? What goes around comes around? You’ll never know these poor people might be cursing and swearing about you and there goes your “future”. Maybe God might listen to these people’s prayers and make your life a miserable one.

That’s the main reason why I never sit when riding the MRT. No matter how near or far, I’d rather collapse in the middle of the train, rather than having those “stray stares” that says “why don’t YOU give up your seat?”. I will only take a seat during less pig peak hours, and avoid carriages which are prone to old people or pregnant women.

Today, I saw a youth, probably in her early 20s, sitting under this yellow sign. Judging from her looks, she’s very well maintained, and she’s not even pregnant. All she does is “sleep”, and with all her hair throwing in front of her face.

A pregnant lady enters the carriage, and although she didn’t demand for the seat, someone else had given up her seat (which is not the corner seat). Well, I think this person is definitely educated, and I hope she’s rewarded by God in the future for doing such a simple good deed.

Sometimes, I’m just disappointed to be part of such a “cool community”.