Should you study full-time or study+work part time?

A lot of my friends are reaching this stage, where they have to decide to study or work.

So typical questions normally arise when they asks themself “should I work and study, or just concentrate on studies”.

Here’s my take:

I have friends in my company, most of them are contractors like me. The only difference between them and myself is that they are part-timers, because they are still schooling. I asked, which school, and most of them are from private institutions.

So how come, myself, who is not schooling considered as a contractor too? I think, the way I see the company profile is that they give a lot of opportunities to growing talents, and thus I fit the criteria. I wouldn’t say that I’m lucky, I think anyone can really go into that company.

I can see some of them giving me this “attitude” that working is a waste of time. They don’t “enjoy” their work. That’s the saddest part. One of my working colleague, is continuing to study the coming weekday (tomorrow). She comes work 10-15 mins late, and never leave work later than 5.30pm.

I think, it’s probably because she don’t have much “responsibilities” to worry compared to the full timers.

But I can see that my position in the workplace is getting more important. Almost everybody look for me for reports. And I use my knowledge and skills to provide those necessary reports they need in a timely and swift manner.

I asked my colleague, if she start schooling, is she still working? And she told me yes, but only on Thurs and Fri. Then I asked, how much are they paying her. She says, $7 per hour.

In my opinion, $7/hour is really not bad. Because for her workload, it’s very reasonable. All she does is assisting. No particular post/responsibilities.

I have another friend (not working in my company), who has just graduated from ITE and deciding to continue study or work. Then she tell me that she wants to continue study full time, but I think it’s a bad idea.

Look at me. Having a full diploma from a reputable institute doesn’t even help a bit. And many people are telling me to further my studies, but I DON’T HAVE MUCH CHOICE. I don’t have a family to support me for that, and I have to earn my own bucks to survive. I don’t even have a chance to take driving license, unlike my lower educated friends, and those also requires money.

So bottom line is: work AND study. Why? Because you’ll never know if you even have the future with the “paper” you’re trying to get. If you work, and the company recognises your contributions, they can offer you a better post/pay after you graduate. And if they don’t, you can use that working experience to jumpstart at other company with the same profiles.

Simply, killing 2 birds with one stone. It’s a win-win situation.

Think about it.


I finally reformat my PC

The time has come.

After countless “blue screen of death” and hangs, I’ve decided to reformat my hard drive and reinstall my operating system.

Now everything looks fine, maybe I should skip installing a firewall.

*still checking what other components I need to install*

Tight Budgets

I have been thinking over and over what I want to do with my 3 months pay.

Of course, I can’t leave out my beloved gf and she’s considered one of my “spending” list.

Anyway, since I only have a net pay of about $1200 (this is way better than the pathetic cafe, which doesn’t even appreciate people’s hardwork), I have a lot of plans for it.

Here are my wanted list:

1) A new handphone! I think, I will probably grab an LG Viewty (I just liked the 3″ display ok! Not to kpo!) or the Samsung i450. It’s cheaper to get those compared to N82/N78, even though I badly want those too…

Target: $300 kaching!

2) 2 new pairs of shirts for work, and probably a pair of “jeans”. Needed to rotate my “already dull” set of clothings I wore everyday.

Target: $150 kaching!

3) Line6 UX1/UX2. These are recording interfaces which I will use to record my music. If I had known of them earlier (especially during NS), I will definitely buy them. Buy even since the band broke up, I got more determined to produce even better music and playing styles.

Target: $200 (UX1) or $300 (UX2) kaching!

4) New pickups for my beloved electric guitar. I’m thinking that if I want to get the best out of my music, I should get a better pickup suited for my style. I’m currently aiming for EMG81/EMG89

Target: $300 kaching!~

5) New motherboard+CPU+RAM+Hard-disk+Power Supply+Casing. My loyal PC starts to give me headaches already. Time for a new one. And soon!

Target: $500 (in total) kaching!~

6) Driving license. Probably a car license. But don’t be too happy. I’m doing this for my own good, NOT YOURS.

Target: $1000 (I hope!) kaching!!!

Well, from the looks of it, it seems that I can’t fulfil most of them at all! Here are some of the reasons why:

– I’m a big spender. Especially on food. I calculated that my average spending per day (including of travelling) is approx $7 (during working) and $25 (if going out on EVERY date). That excludes other temptations like pool, movies, sweet talk and old chang kee.

– I’m a band boy, and I play in a band. I will go for jamming sessions, and these sessions are seriously costly. On an average “jamming day”, I will spend $4 (transport), $5 (jamming) and $10 (food). That’s about $20 on a jamming day.

– I have bills to pay. Based on this month’s usage, I can assume that my SMS are going to blow, and my outgoing calls are going to burn. That’s because ever since somebody has a UNLIMITED SMS usage, that person will never stop bugging me until the pocket burns. Oh, and ever since my father noticed that I’m working, HE THOUGHT THAT I’M EARNING MILLIONS SO THAT I CAN PAY THE HOUSE BILLS. Sorry, this is a 3 months contract, I will live and die on my own. Current bills to pay: $100 (handphone), $50 (internet). I will definitely over-pay my bills so that I can survive a few more months in case I don’t earn myself a contract extension.

– I have friends. And these are friends whom I share all my current affairs like work and money, girls and outings. We always slack at the nearby coffeeshop, and I foresee that I do this ALMOST EVERYDAY. So, average spending on a “slacking session” is about $3, that’s about 3 cups of drinks if we were to stay long. That excludes food if we were to eat.

– This year’s Hari Raya is in September (reported by a friend, not too sure myself). That means new clothes! And new everything. That also means MONEY. So when money is involved, you do the maths ok?

So, there you go. For a low income earner as me, I’m definitely struggling to live decently. Sometimes, noone understands. Everybody thinks that all I care is money. Especially Lee. He thinks I care about work more than jamming. You’re wrong bro. You never knew. Don’t compare me with your pathetic life. You stole money to buy a fucking drumset. Don’t compare to me. You still your parents who can still support you if needed. Don’t compare me with your fucking life.

Well, enough said. I’m beat. Tomorrow’s another hectic day at work. I hope I can reach the deadlines in time.

Home Recording Interface

Hello guys.

Today’s topic will definitely not interest my gf, so if you’re reading this, you can just close it. No matter how much I discuss about these kind of things, you don’t even want to take the slightest note of it at all.


Anyway, ever since I started my home amateurish recording, I’ve decided to take it to the next level. I did some research, and realised that most bands out there record their music via a recording interface e.g. Line 6 Pod XT Live, Line 6 Pod X3 Live, Line 6 TonePort etc…

Oh and you might have noticed, I’ve been talking about Line 6 because that’s the only current product that many of our Singaporean friends are using. It seems that the “digital” music is taking the next step.

So I have decided, and thought about it, and I’m thinking that I should get one.

I’m having my eyes on Line 6 TonePort UX2. Simple device, for a simple job.

I’ll have to start to recalculate my next month’s pay and decide what I want to do with it. I just have TOO many plans for myself…

LG Viewty or Sony Ericsson K850i?

Since my girlfriend is dying to get a new phone herself, she has been browsing all the features of almost every phone out there in the market.

She even tells me that she wants a phone with Wifi? Why the hell do you need wifi? Don’t you know you’ll need a wifi hotspot in order to use one?

Anyway, after much convincing, I suggested her 2 phones. LG Viewty KU990 and the Sony Ericsson K850i.

Both features 5MP cameras, but which one is a better choice?

It’s all up to preference. If it was me here’s why I will choose either of them.

Why I choose LG Viewty:

  • Touchscreen
  • Anti-shake feature
  • Auto and Manual Focus
  • 3.0 inch screen
  • High speed video recording
  • Internet capabilities (e.g. Instant Messenger)
  • Document viewer
  • DivX RuLz!

Why I choose Sony Ericsson K850i?

  • BestPic (takes 9 quick succession pictures, choose 1, delete the rest)
  • Image/Video stabilisation (I think Viewty didn’t say anything about this, so I’m not too sure)
  • PhotoFix (correct images on-the-fly)
  • Accelerometer
  • Image Stabiliser (Something like the anti-shake)

Why I looked at these 2?

  • Compare to other camera phones, these 2 are the better choices at the moment for the same price range
  • Xenon flash
  • 5MP camera

Well, ultimately it is what phone that suits your needs. However, I’m pretty saddened that the specifications details for both phones on the website is not complete, thus hindering my judgement to evaluate the phones.

Anyway, whatever phone she chooses, I’m sure it’s gonna be a good choice. I mean, at least it’s WAYYYY better than her current phone. 🙂

Nokia’s N82 or Samsung’s i450?

I wanted to buy a new phone when my first pay comes out.

I think it could be buying out of impulse, but what the heck? I definitely need another phone other than my old-school N-Gage Classic. I can use my N-Gage for reservist periods when necessary.

Anyway, I have been eyeing on these 2 phones.

Why I want N82:

  • It’s Nokia! I have been using Nokia since the “banana phone”.
  • It’s nice to have a 5MP camera with Xenon flash
  • And a cool Wifi does the trick…
  • And I wanted to fit at least 8GB of MicroSDHC card which is reportedly working like a charm

Why I want i450:

  • Dual slider is cool! I have never used a slider phone except the “banana phone”
  • Relatively cheaper than N82 if I were to buy it
  • Reports say it supports MicroSDHC cards, but I haven’t get much user response yet…
  • It’s aesthetically nice, with a touch-wheel
  • Though 2 MP camera, I think I can live with that.

Why I look at these 2:

  • It has 3.5mm earphone jacks for standard earphones. I will ALWAYS keep the original earphones and never use them even ONCE.
  • It’s Series60. Yes, I’m talking about 3rd party applications
  • I’m VERY concerned about the amount of memory it can fit.
  • It has to support music playing easily, as I’m a musician
  • And I don’t want to even look at any other phones because they are not S60, or not as effective as what these 2 can offer for me

The price? S$398 for N82 and S$100 for i450. (exclusive of my $50 voucher) So, it’s still a good catch, I’m definitely going to reconsider my decision when the time draws near. I have a bad feeling that the i450 is selling like hot cakes because of it’s cheap price. I can’t wait any longer!!!!

Yet another compliment

This time, it’s from my other supervisor… But she’s not my supervisor. It’s just that I’m assisting her in her work, so literally she’s the boss, and I’m the assistant.

She had a look at the way I work, and say “wah, you’re better than me leh!”, refering to how I organise my area.

I think, it’s probably because she had TOO much things on her table, that’s why she can’t keep her things organised. As for me, on the other hand, I know I keep forgetting things, so I like to keep my place neat and tidy so that I remember where I put my stuffs. Just a habit I had during my NS period.

Well, to get such a compliment from such a senior, I think I do stand a chance in getting a place in their hearts. Who knows, one day I might be offered a higher position after gaining some experience doing this job for quite a while.

Just 3 weeks and I can start feeling all the pressure on me. Well, I don’t really have “stress”, but the workload is really something! A slight mistake can cost $$$ to the company, and I don’t want to risk my name under those problems. Especially when it comes to money.

Oh ya, another colleague also complimented me regarding my curiosity to find out more about something. I was asking her (can you imagine how many ladies are working in this company???) about something to do with the data, then I refer her to a previous example done by my upperstudy. Then I commented that, if this is the figure, I highly doubt that that is the “real figure” because the figure that I got was almost 1 million, while my upperstudy got less than 10k? Wayyyy too much difference. That’s why I try to seek help.

Anyway, it seems like there are some loopholes or “style of doing work” going around. I will have to change that. I don’t want to do things “because this is how you do it”. I want to find out “why this is like this” and stuff.

I think being too curious is a bit dangerous too.