N82 + 2 years contract = ???

I just went to the StarHub shop just now to go get my fucking receipt. Thank god there’s even such a thing as “getting another receipt”. God bless StarHub.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist my temptation to get another phone. I know I should save my money, but what the fuck? If I can buy something that I will use for a long time and still be happy with it, I don’t mind buying 2 or 3 (or maybe 10 for completeness sake) handphones.

So I managed to get a glimpse of the N82 with the plan I’m currently using.

N82 + PV300 + $100 early upgrade = $248!


I should have waited man! FUCK.

Now a new N82 cost me $598. I’m not even going to regret my decision. Even if it cost me to break up with my lovely girlfriend because we will definitely fight about this. I’m really sorry girlfriend, if you have a brain, and you wanna fight because I wanted to buy another handphone, please go kill yourself, not me.

I’m still anxiously waiting for my next pay.

11th August will be the judgement day. I’m waiting!

Edit: I saw it wrongly! It was $148 + $200 trade-inΒ  + $100 early upgrade = $448. Still cheaper than initially which is $498 altogether. But I already bought my N82, so nothing to look back now…


How stupid can someone be?

I bought my Samsung F480 on 7th July (thank god I remembered that), and I left my proof of purchase inside my StarHub bag in my room.

And today, I just realised that bag was missing!

I don’t blame myself to be stupid for misplacing them; that’s the fucking reason why I like to keep my stuff messy in my room! At least I remembered where I dumped them.

So I asked my maid, and she showed me that bag. It was with her. Fine.

All I wanted was the contents INSIDE that bag. She told me it has been thrown away.



And guess who’s the culprit? My father.

I can’t believe he is SO FUCKING STUPID. He could at least leave those “papers” behind if he wanted that bloody bag!

And now I don’t have my proof of purchase. Can the police catch me now cause I just stolen this set from StarHub without any proof.


Dermapthera is now complete

I can’t be more overjoyed.

After 2 (or maybe 4) months of inactiveness, and since the heartbreaking news of the band breaking up, I decided to look for new members, with fresh talents, and fresh new ideas.

So within the last month, I managed to secure a drummer, and a bassist. And, from their appearances (and the way they talk), it seems like they share the same vision as me.

So now, I’m going to prove to the people who betrayed me that I’ll reach for the top. Nothing is ever going to stop me this time.

Thanks to NS, I had to sacrificed my beloved GT-8, which after 2 years still look like new. But I feel my decision is just. Now I’m blessed with a job, which means I’m able to finance myself to feed my ambitions. I’m looking for big events like Baybeatz and Asian Beat, or maybe try my luck in the World’s Battle Of The Bands.

So our new lineup will be:

  • Me (definitely, I’ll lead this band) – Guitarist
  • Lala (hahaha! Can’t believe I called him that) – Guitarist
  • Faizal – Drummer
  • CT (yeap, a girl) – Bassist
  • Ace – The one and only vocalist

Together we’ll bring back the good old times. This time is for real, I’m going all out. I want to prove myself.

I should I bought the N82 before Dzul did…

I regretted going against my decision to buy the N82, when I had initially decided to buy upon my first pay.

Then, my friend Dzul, bought the phone. So I had no choice (or should I say, I had the chance) to try upon the phone.

And it was love at first sight.

I have always been a fan of Symbian, and a fan of Nokia since I started off. I did not say I hate the F480, but the Symbian OS makes it hard for a die-hard fan like me to disagree. When I had my first take upon that phone, I told myself “I should have listened to my heart”.

Now I’ve decided (sorry girlfriend!). I don’t mind eating less, or maybe have instant noodles everyday. I just want something I feel worth my money, and would still have a price tag until the next year.

So, N82, here I COME!!!

Day out to Sentosa, then Vivocity

Honestly speaking, it’s been a while since I last went to Sentosa. I think the last time I went there is when I was slimmer. πŸ™‚

Anyway, went on a photo spree with my phone again! This time, since my gf also has a camera phone equipped with her (she’s using the LG Viewty), I guess we could take loads of photos without worrying about anything at all.

Then finally, we went to Vivocity. To tell you the truth, since Vivocity opened, that was my FIRST time there!

Pictures from my Samsung F480

Went out to grab a few pairs of working attire and went on a photo-taking spree with my new phone!

You be the judge.

Camera settings:

  • ISO: Automatic
  • Size: 5MP (2560×1920
  • Flash: Auto
  • Quality: Super Fine
  • White Balance: Auto

Messing with my Samsung’s F480: How to make the speaker louder

I was playing with my phone, until I stumbled across the “debug” screen.

This screen, is a place where all the internal systems were placed. For example, if I want to modify the “rock” equaliser, the phone’s normal UI won’t allow me to do that. But I can still create my own EQ settings for the way I want it to be. Or if I find the speakers too soft for my liking, I can make it louder.

DISCLAIMER: If you attempt this, you are liable for your own damages at your own risk. Please do not attempt this if you’re uncomfortable with “messing” with your phone’s settings.

NOTE: If you leave your settings too long, if might damage your speakers in the long run. Please do not tamper with the settings unnecessarily unless you want it to be.

Interested? Read on.

From here, press the “Dial” option. Key in *#06# and you should get your IMEI information.

You should see a bunch of numbers from 0-9 including * and #. They are your virtual keyboard. Now press “7” and you should see some settings. Keep pressing “#” until you reach a menu that has “Debug Screen” option. That’s the main menu.

How to read/use them

[1] (Description) – These number enclosed in square brackets are your option. If it shows “1”, pressing “1” will enter that option. The words beside it tells you that the option’s name.

How to go back

Pressing the “#” key acts like a back key. Note that the “*” key is mapped to the “0” (zero) key. I think that this is a bug.

What to do next?

Press “8”, then press “3” to enter “SPK Config”. This allows you to set your speakers volume. Now press “4” to enter “AV-QTune(MP3)” option.

Select option “1” to enter “SPK MP3 Vol[ ]”. The [ ] brackets indicate that this is changeable, and resetable to default. If there a * inside the [ ], which looks like [*], it means that there is a user setting there.

Now if you open that, you should see a bunch of weird numbers. Let me tell you how to read them.

The page says “SPK MP3 Volume, READ”. You are now in the “READ” mode, which means, if you select any options (from 0 to 6), you can overwrite the setting to your own one.

Here’s a sample:

0.[2] rx:-8.0dB

6.[14] rx:-8.0dB

That those numbers means are…

0 (the number zero) – the first character. That’s the option number. If you press 0, you will get a “WRITE” option, which I will discuss in a while.

[2] (after zero) – that is your “volume settings” number. Try pressing the volume rocker while playing an MP3 file, you should see a volume meter which reads from 0-14. The number “2” essentially sets the volume setting at “2” position. This is a bit tricky to explain, but I hope you understand.

rx – I don’t really know what this means.

-8.0dB – This is your volume strength. It is now running at negative 8 decibles (if you study physics you should know sound is measured by decibles), and that’s why you might get a lower volume.

So since you are trying to get the loudest speaker volume, IGNORE numbers 0-5, we’ll concentrate on option “6”, which gives you the power to set for volume setting at “14” (which is the loudest setting you currently can get).

Can understand all of that? Then continue reading.

Press “6”, and you should see that the page changes to “SPK MP3 Volume, WRITE”. You are now in the “WRITE” mode, which means, any number you press now will take effect to the option you chose earlier. Now, to get the loudest setting, press “9” and a change will take effect. Press confirm, or the “hang up” key to exit this screen.

Now you are back to the “READ” mode, which you don’t need to do anything else. Your loudest volume setting is now at 0.9dB louder, so essentially you can hear your music blast louder than usual.

Don’t believe me? Try playing an MP3 file, and you’ll see what I mean. You speaker should crack, because you are trying to make the speaker go louder than Samsung wanted it to be.

NOTE: You cannot enter a negative value or a positive integer number. If anyone figures out how to do that, please share with me.

I want to reset!

Surely you don’t want to damage your beatiful baby right? Don’t worry you can reset to defaults.

First, enter the “Main Menu” screen as I showed earlier. If you don’t know how, read this whole post again.

Now press “8” (Audio) then press “6” (Rebuild). “Rebuilt” is like restore. Next press “5”, and just “Rebuilt ALL”. This will essentially change back all your settings to the factory default for any changes you’ve made earlier.

NOTE: If you made changes to the “EQ Config”, the changes are harder to reset. I’m still figuring out the correct keys to reset that properly. Now all my EQ are set at a positive values, which sucks though.

So liked the louder speakers? It doesn’t make any difference though. The F480 is not a dedicated music phone, hence there’s really NO REASON for you to make the speaker louder. But if you’re adventurous, just mess with the settings like how I did to mine.


Well, I’m definitely trying to figure out what other settings I can change via this “debug screen”.

Good luck!

P.S: If anyone is making a video for this, please let me know! I want to see it. πŸ™‚