LG KC910

This is the phone I’ll be anticipating, other than the Nokia Tube (or whatever they are going to call it). Although the Nokia Tube is not official and is a rumour, I bet Nokia is coming up with a devious plan to finally put the iPhone to the graves.

Anyway, back to the topic.

I was surfing, until this phone caught my eye.

See the GSMArena review here.

With 8MP camera with wifi and GPS, this will definitely be the first 8MP Touchscreen to do that. Remember the hype for LG Viewty, that sports the first 5MP camera phone with touchscreen? LG is doing it again, and this time, this IS definitely worth it.

I’ve seen the LG Viewty (my girlfriend is using one), and I love the interface. Although it does not support a lot of 3rd party applications, most of the thing you would need in the phone is there! So, I can safely place my bet on this new LG KC910, which is widely rumoured to be Viewty’s successor, to place upon the functions that are lacking and are in high demand now.

Looks like the handphone battles have just begun, thanks to iPhone. Still think iPhone is the Jesus phone? You haven’t seen any other phones yet.


N79, N85 and N96


Looks like my favourite Nokia is back on track.

It seems that all these new N-series are getting a more cooler look, and feature pack too. I bet there will be loads of cools stuffs, but function wise, it will still be the same as all their predecessor N81, N82 and N95 respectively.

If only the N96 has a Xenon flash, it will be the BEST phone ever made. Period.

And you Apple fanboys can go back suck their momma’s titties cause the iPhone just SUCK. Of course, you can have a 3.5 inch screen for bigger porn video watching, full touchscreen to touch those finicky titties and pussies, and a cool web browser that is so cool that you would cum after you use it.

So… That’s it? That’s all? And all that for a hefty price? NO WAY.

Sadly, people are just dying for the aesthetics.

If only the iPhone has a 3.2mp camera with LED/Flash/Video Light, MMS, Video recording, bluetooth file transfer and expandable memory slot, it is definitely THE best phone ever made.

But since N96 made it’s inception, it will be hailed the BEST PHONE to date. Period. Until Apple decides to come up with another marketing plan that says:

“Thrice as fast, 1/3 the costs, and ALL YOU NEED IN A PHONE”

Then I will definitely consider the iPhone.

iPhone 3 anyone?

How did I spend my 24th birthday

Birthdays, to me, meant nothing. It’s just like any other day. For others, it’s an important day where you would “celebrate”. To me, I don’t celebrate my birthdays. I have been doing that for as long as I can remember.

When I was younger though, I did celebrate birthdays. But, that’s thanks to my parents. In primary school, I would bring a whole packet of chocolates or candies, then distribute amongst the whole class. The feeling was just, fun.

But as I grew older, I realised the birthdays don’t really mean anything. It’s just a sign that you’re getting older. You’re just 1 year closer to dying. There’s nothing to celebrate about that? Why would you want to celebrate the day that makes you 1 year closer to your deathday. I think they should create a deathday, if there is even one.

Anyway, what I’m saying here is that, only my mother remembers my birthday. My father, my brothers, all my so-called “brothers”, close friends, they don’t even remember. No matter how many years it have gone. All they keep asking is “when is your birthday?”. Others simply say “how can I remember so many birthdays?” That’s just saying that “you’re just another stranger to me”.

Anyway, other than my girlfriend, someone actually remembered my birthday. As much as I remembered her birthday too. (Yes, I do remember her birthday, and all I did was send a birthday message, nothing more)

And she was Khatijah. My old schoolmate, whom I used to have a crush on. Yes, I “used to”, she rejected me saying that “you’re too good for me”. Honestly, I was just trying very hard. But I think she showed me something. She made me find a better friend. And I found you, Aishah.

So how I spent my birthday? Nothing much… watching porno (oops…) and maybe some cool movies I downloaded off the net. Ya, I’m such a cheapskate, but the real cheapskates sold off those FREE downloaded shit and make some money out of it. Those are the fuckers that destroyed freedom. Those people ought to die.

Those movies I went to watch:

  • Aeon Flux
  • Scary Movie 1,2,3,4
  • American Pie 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Gladiator
  • Troy
  • Alexander
  • Forbidden Kingdom
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • etc…

Oh, I didn’t really watch the full movie. I just simply “watch and skip”, literally jump scenes after scenes, cause I got bored eventually. So, a single movie normally last me 30 mins or so, the better ones will deserve my full attention like The Da Vinci Code. I just love mysteries and puzzles. They fascinates me as much as pornography. 😛

Well anyway, happy birthday to ME. Well, that makes me the 3rd person remembering my birthday. 🙂 And all those people at Chevron, I bet they are dying to know when is my birthday. I turned down a Swenson’s ice cream cake for the identity of my birthday. Heheheh…

So if they found out my blog, then my identity is revealed.

P.S: 3 more days to our 2 years and 8th month. Can’t believe it was THAT long. May god bless us.

Update: Surprisingly, Nur and Iszma called me to wish me, but very late! Like, 11pm and after. So if you look closely, only these people, whom are relatively close to me, remembers my birthday. Don’t be jealous ok girlfriend. 🙂

iPhone 3G Launched in Singapore

2 words: So what?

I have my N82, which can do a whole lot of things the iPhone could not. And my N82 costs less than HALF the price (even with plan).

Ultimately, why should I get the iPhone right?

Though I used to bitch about it. Thinking of it makes me horny. But not anymore. It’s just an OVER-EXAGGERATED product.

Only fanboys and fangirls will disagree with me.

You’re right, the iPhone could do “many things”, but it couldn’t do the “basic things”. With all due respect, I have the iPod Touch, jailbroken, and I know what I will expect from the 3G iPhone. But it cannot do more than that. That’s all I need to buy a $300 brick. One mistake, and you’re saying goodbye. Apple will surely refuse to repair for you because you void the warranty.

Solution? Buy another one.

Which… fortunately is good news for Apple.

Great marketing strategy or what?

When there is a Symbian touchscreen, that would match the iPhone hands down. I can smell it coming. Just wait.

LiarCard… Analysing if the person called is lying?

Saw another one of those technologically advanced features via Spoofcard. I got a feeling they are from the same company.

What is the LiarCard anyway?

LiarCard is the most advanced voice analysis technology for personal use available today, giving you an indication if your subject is being truthful. You can now have a competitive edge to negotiate a sweeter deal, hire better personnel, choose a more reliable supplier, and even just to let you know if the person talking with you is not being honest on a specific issue. – Taken from LiarCard.com’s Homepage

So, essentially, in laymen terms, LiarCard is a prepaid card that allows you to record the calls anonymously and provide statistical and analytical information about the other person’s emotions through the phone call.

If you are dying to know if the other person is lying to you or not, why not use the LiarCard at your own disposal.

Currently available in the US. God I just love technology. ANYTHING is possible.


Spoofing Your Phone Calls

I was surfing around, until I bumped a website called the “SpoofCard”. Fortunately, this service is only available in US and Canada. Please don’t ever introduce such a ludicrous piece of “technology” into Singapore, save Singapore for the integrity we have uphold in a longest time.

Anyway, what is “Spoofcard”?

SpoofCard offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. Simply dial the toll free number and then your PIN. You’ll then be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number to appear on caller ID. It’s that easy! – Taken from Spoofcard.com’s FAQs

There are a lot of issues with this Spoofcard. Although the technology causes total privacy of calls, it also can cause confusions, frauds and some other legal issues pertaining to using these services. Imagine your bank calls you up and asking for your PIN number, your “caller ID doesn’t lie” does it?

Whatever it is, precaution MUST be exercised, even if you think you can trust the other party’s call. Take a look at the video I posted regarding Spoofcard.

P.S: This is a timestamped entry.

Gamboy Advance Emulator on N82

Been playing with 3rd party applications and one of my favourite apps is Vbag, a GameboyAdvance emulator for S60 phones like N82.

Here is the some of the screenshots I managed to get.

Now I can play all those GameboyAdvance games I’ve been yearning to play. Though the screen size is a bit small, the quality of the game is superb, thanks to the 16M colour display from N82. But I have to selectively choose the games I want to play cause not all games are really “playable” if they requires a lot of directional buttons + gamekeys to play with (imagine the small keypads of your N82). Not good. So I will only play turn-based games, like Final Fantasy or Yggdra Union (this is my favourite turn based strategy game), as they only require 1 button press at any one time.

Hope you have yours too.