Selamat Hari Raya

Well, today is the long awaited day.

Well, honestly speaking, it’s not one of my “long awaited days”. I got nothing to look forward to.

But anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to wish all my muslim brothers and sisters Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

My blog has been a very emotional one, with periods I’m jumpy, and periods I’m grumpy. But I realised that sometimes I do say the wrong things at the wrong time. So if there is such an incidence, whether directly or indirectly, I seek your forgiveness from the tip of my hair and the edge of my feets.

I will miss fasting month. It’s the only time where I am very patient, and quiet. It’s a time of peace. And I love peace. My heart feels at ease.

Well, I don’t even know why you bothered to read this post. Go out and have fun! 🙂

Well wishes from the author: Yusry.

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1 muslim, all non-muslim

That’s the feeling I got at work today!

My friend even resorted to wasting his half-day leave just to get out early! Fuck that shit. I don’t care about leaving 4 hours earlier than usual. That makes no difference at all to me.

And my boss still can come to me and say:

“You can go back half day if you want…”

Then she said, before she left for HER half-day:

“But you must apply leave.”

What the fuck? I ain’t no wasting half-day leave for nothing.

The Human Resource manager has written a BIG BIG email stating that “all muslim colleagues celebrating the Hari Raya are allowed to leave after 1pm, but subject to supervisor’s approval.”

What he essentially means was to tell your supervisor that you are one of them, and if you can leave early. That’s all!

Even my colleague helped me to ask my boss, and all my boss tell her was: “those who haven’t worked for more than 1 year are not allowed time-off”. Eh hello? This is not a time off! And if you care about your direct reports, at least have the heart and give them the time-off they deserved thanks to the festivities. It’s not our fault for having the Hari Raya to fall on the Wednesday does it?

And that makes us “not a muslim colleague”, because that’s what the Human Resource manager said!

My other friend, who has only joined the company for about 1 month, gets his time off.

His boss tells him: “This depends on the supervisor.”

It clearly means that you don’t even care!

I wonder what will happen on Deepavali or Christmas and the long awaited Chinese New Year! I hope new Chinese colleagues who have not completed at least 1 year of service are not allowed half-day on the eve!

So Chinese friends, do not join if you don’t intend to stay for 1 year or more. When you have a “happy festival”, it becomes a sad one.

One thing for sure, fasting taught me to be patient. Luckily, it doesn’t affect much of my working performance, so I guess it’s still not that bad. And my muslim friends who had left, I’m a bit jealous, but thinking about it, I don’t even care if I don’t get it.

Anyway, another colleague comes up to me and say: “eh? how come you are not on half-day today?” The mindset was natural: you are a muslim, you fast for 1 month, and you need 4 hours early release thanks to the public holiday that was meant for the muslims.

All I told her was: “today, I am a chinese.”

I was really mad, but I had to really cover up my madness. That sentence alone is VERY sensitive. It proves how much I am of a racist, thanks to this thing.

I just hope no more of such nonsense are made. Please. This is PURE RACISM. Although, indirectly, it wasn’t shown or stated.

I just wished my boss were like my friend’s boss. My friend’s boss is so understanding, that she don’t mind him to OT, come late, and have longer lunch breaks. Talk about being trustworthy.

All I believe was, as long as my performance at work is satisfactory, I deserve the rest I earned.

No half day


This is like pure racism man!

No half day for muslim colleagues who celebrate the Hari Raya festival! I do want to say what specific other festival, but this is really pure racism!

The government should impose COMPULSORY half-day holiday for the eve of the event. Don’t they know that preparation is a waste of time?

Guess what, I didn’t even prepare anything for the house this year. I didn’t even buy any new clothes. There’s really no meaning for all the celebration.

And I hate this term “nanti minta maaf bila dah raya” (translate to english: when raya comes then you can seek for forgiveness).

No wonder “sorry seems to be the hardest words”. It’s because it’s over-used during this festive season.

And don’t bother sending wishes via SMS, those aren’t sincere at all.

Anyway, no half-day means war for me. I shall wait for “their turn”. I wonder if they will get half-day.

Leave, finally!

Tomorrow’s my leave. I didn’t plan anything yet, hopefully I didn’t wake up too late to waste the day like any other days…

Today, 2 person hate me…

Well, I guess the first one you probably know who, so I won’t repeat again. (sorry to other readers, you don’t have to know who the first one is)

The second one, called himself Khairul, happens to be Nur’s boyfriend, who happens to also be a husband and a father (if I didn’t get the wrong guy). What a loser. He sms-ed me, asking my relationship with Nur, since I sent her a birthday message, with a goodnight message, stating to have “sweet dreams” of me.

To most readers, what I did was sending an offending msg. To me, I did something completely normal. Normal to a relationship I already had with Nur, someone whom I’ve known for years. And we’ve been talking like that. But recently she has reduced/stopped sms-ing me, ever since I’m already attached to someone else.

But, we do still keep in contact, since sometimes she would requests for songs or asks for directions. But my feelings were never more than casual friends. I admit that I used to have feelings for her, but that was donkey years ago, and it has already been long forgotten. And I have already found a partner I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with.

At first, when this Khairul sms-ed me, I called him back, thinking he was my friend. But he didn’t reply after 2 calls, instead sms-ing me. Then I told him this (exact, word for word):

Heh. You must be the guy I guess. Apasal tak angkat phone? Aku ngan ayn (nur) kawan lagi lama dari kau aku rasa. Tanya dia. Dah bertahun2 kita bebual ni macam. Kalau tak caya kau tanya dia sendiri. Kalau tak bleh ada kawan laki yang dah kenal lama, suruh dia tukar number jadi aku tak bleh contact dia terus. Takde maksud aku ada kawan rapat.

In english

Heh. You must be the guy I guess. Why didn’t you pick up the phone? Me and ayn have been friends longer than you knew her I guess. Ask her yourself. For years we’ve been talking like this. If you don’t believe, ask her. If she cannot have a guy friend whom she had know for very long, tell her to change her number so I cannot contact her anymore. There’s no meaning that I have close friendship.

Then I ended the flaming messaging with this:

Hmph. Apa2 number aku open to call. Aku tak pandai off handphone, divert or tukar number. Lain kali tanya tuan badan sendiri. Baru tanya aku.

In english

Hmph. My number is always open to call. I not good at switching the phone off, diverting or changing numbers. Next time, ask the owner first. Then ask me.

I think I will end this nonsense here by stopping to contact her. I will do that to her, and to all my other girlfriends I already had in my contact list. These people don’t even deserve to be my friend, I’m only just another “number in the phonebook” which will often gets overlooked because my name was always the last in the list. There’s really no reason for me to keep their numbers, they are not even being useful to me in the first place. They will always think that I’m just another guy trying to get under her undies. Sorry, but I’m not that kind of guy. And I don’t need your smelly pussy too. I’d rather save myself from potential STD (not refering to anyone in particular, but be safe than sorry).

To anyone who gets offended by this post (especially my girlfriend), rest assured I’m a very particular guy. I can be nice, if you’re nice to me. And if you had drawn the line earlier, I will have already accepted that fact, and move on to better things.

I will not let hatred dwell in me.

Goodbye, “friends”.

My vision, and mission

My Vision

To be the best in metal industry with teeth biting and headbanging tunes that bleed your eardrums out in bidirectional way.

My Mission

To recruit only the most trustworthy men who will sail into deep seas with me, to be a mentor and a guidance towards the newbies, to maintain a cool look while still being a metalhead, to influence people that metal is not about Devilism, Satanism, War, Hatred and Violence, to promote metal as part of everybody’s daily dosage of music, and finally, to be a friend who will always listen and share to all your woes and sorrows.

Ayat-ayat Cinta

Oh damn!

Should not have watched this movie. Wayyyyy toooooo saaaaaad for my fierce personality.

Anyway, for those who haven’t catch it, you should.

It makes me wanna marry 2 wives in the future. Wahahahahahahahahha!!!