My brother’s tentative specs

He asked me to build a rig for him.

So I went scouting for components. These are what he has:

– reusing DVD-Drive
– reusing internal HDD
– reusing keyboard and mouse
– reusing monitor and speakers

He wanted a new comp that can supplement his photography needs. He requires something fast, yet doesn’t burn a hole in his pocket.

So here’s what I would recommend:

  • Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L LGA 775 Motherboard + E5200 CPU = S$282
  • HIS HD4670 512MB HDMI/ICQ LED Fan = S$149
  • Vantec 500N ION2+500W Power Supply = S$75
  • OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium Intel Optimised 2G Kit (2x1GB) = S$85
  • Xigmatek Red Scrpion RS-S1283 CPU Cooler = S$69
  • Asustek TA-M11 Casing (No PSU) = S$69

Total: $729

Cool or what…

But I’m not sure whether the case comes with fans or not. Else we’ll need to invest on fans, that costs $14 per fan.

Edit: I just realised this won’t be optimum for his use. Since he does heavy image and video editing, he will need 4 cores, so I might re-recommend a “family-use” quad processor. I will write another one when I have the time.


Demµra look set to begin jamming soon


My band’s name is called De-mew-ra. Demµra. NOT “The Murah” ok…

Anyway, just a simple MySpace account at

Thanks and I’ll be back in the scene soon.

Is marriage a sensitive topic?

I was taken aback by my old friend, where she expressed her unhappiness at how I perceive life.

True as it can be, I was being frank. I guess being frank and learning from experience won’t help. I don’t think I have said anything wrong.

But anyway, back to topic.

I have been thinking these few days, and is marriage a sensitive topic? I mean, I see marriage as an agreement between the guy and the girl, having to spend the rest of their old days together and have many children (if possible) where you can start playing mom and dad.

Have you ever wondered that those who actually planned their marriage don’t normally get what they want? That’s why I prefer playing “happy go lucky”. Like what she said, I am the “in the moment” kind of person. Baca lebih lanjut

Not into camwhoring

The other day, someone asked me if I have a multiply.

Having knowing multiply as another social networking website, I blatantly said “no”.

Well, for the obvious reasons, I don’t camwhore! I know you don’t have to camwhore to use multiply, but I’m happier using wordpress to update my stuffs. Moreover, I prefer blogging over social networking sites, that’s why I no longer play Zorpia, Friendster, Tagged, Multiply, iMesh, FaceBook, MySpace etc etc… there are just too many that doesn’t interest me at all.

And having to remember too many passwords won’t help either!

Anyway, I’ll be updating this blog only. So if you’re interested in getting to know me better, keep reading this blog. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Dusty computer & OCZ XTC Memory Cooler

After 2 months of using my new computer, I can’t deny that I’m extremely happy with my system.

But I’m very saddened by the amount of dust collecting in my rig. Dust just makes me feel like I don’t know how to take care of my comp…

So the other day, I went to buy a dust filter (12cm) at $5. So I hope there will be lesser dust compared to original.

And I also bought the OCZ XTC Memory Cooler. Now my computer looks super cool! But everytime I wanna take pictures of it, my camera won’t render it the way my eyes perceive it… But here’s how the new memory cooler looks like…

With Flash

Without Flash

And here’s the new dust fan filter I’ve been talking about… Though air flow is affected, but like I care? My temperature still reads as effectively as possible, so I got nothing to complain.


I will update again in the next month and see if there’s any visible improvements on amount of dusts in my computer.

I’m actually having another problem of having some insects which are attracted by my UV light, but they normally dies because of my fan blades or heat from the CCFL. I’ll have to think about how to close all the big holes I’m having now so that I can prevent all these pesky from coming into my beautiful casing.

Until my next computer update… See ya!

HIS HD4670 Radeon with IceQ


This is my current graphics card.

While searching for it again, I realised the price has dropped from $169 to $149! That makes me even wanna get it immediately next month!

Finally, my Crossfire build will be complete!

Off topic: It seems the HD4870 is the best, outmatching every single graphics card in the world now. To buy that, it costs $800. Ouch!

Weird workplace…

I knew I couldn’t secure the full-time job as I was being too frank in my initial interview.

Judging from what my boss said to me, it seems that she wanted to offer the job to someone within her department as the PSG (pay scale group) is higher. Well, you could have offered me a lower PSG, as I don’t even care about it. Because ultimately, I should be rewarded only when it’s worth it right?

Many people have come up to me to express their concerns and shock. All I can say is “good luck to the new person onboard”. My relationship with many colleagues there were good, most of them are happy about the way I work and getting the work done. With my technical background, I am able to think about what can be done or what can’t.

But now it gets even weirder… My boss has been speaking / meeting up with me with lots of relevant work-related issues more than my past 5 months there. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but it doesn’t really matter anymore anyway. Saying things like “I received good feedbacks about your working here” doesn’t going to change your mind and hire me anyway. The interviewing panel has already decide the person coming over, so I will definitely welcome this person with open arms.

But, this new person is not going to do my job. Funny as it can be, this new person is going to do an existing person’s job. For some odd reason that is… I mean, I went for the interview knowing that I’m going to secure a full-time job doing MY job, not someone else’s job. I wonder how this new person is going to feel knowing that she came in doing something else out of the job scope offered to her when she saw this ad.

But nonetheless, I hope my boss knows what she is doing. Ultimately, if you cannot get the person to perform, the person also can get sacked, which won’t be nice in the resume. That’s why I would prefer to work as a contract or a part-time basis, where I cannot be sacked. I will leave only when contract ends.

So, my contract dues on 31 Dec 2008, I will need more time to prepare what I need to hand over to whoever is going to do my job.

Good luck all, and good luck me in finding another job.