New computer built

My friend called me to set up his new PC, after he has taken enough critism about how slow his system is currently.

Total damage: $1000

Components: Asus P5Q + E7300, Team Elite 2 GB Kit, HIS HD 4850 IceQ 512 MB, AcBel E2 510W, Asus TA-M11 Casing, Hitachi 320GB SATA II HDD, Logitec Keyboard

Sounds like everyone is trying to beat my specs at just under $1000. Luckily I’m not working after this, else I would be spending more time and research on what to get next. πŸ˜›


Devil May Cry 4 Performance Test on Palit HD 4870 Sonic Dual edition

It beat me by tenfold!

Damn sounds like I’m gonna get a HD4850 x2 to counter this. Hehehe… I’m just a fanatic for hardcore graphics solution. πŸ˜‰

Here’s the screenshot (courtesy of my nice girlfriend):

[ Asus P5Q-SE/R + E7300 (stock) :: Team Elite 2GB Kit :: Hitachi 250GB SATA II :: Palit Radeonβ„’ HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition 512MB (Turbo Mode) ]


And, this is mine, at the same settings:

[ DFI LanParty DK P45 T2RS Plus + E5200 (@3.2GHz, 1.36v) :: OCZ Platinum 2GB Kit :: Western Digital Green 500GB SATA II :: HIS Radeon HD 4670 w/ IceQ (CrossFireX, 2 cards) ]


And, this is mine, at the same settings, WITHOUT CrossFireX mode:


Gifts and Presents

Today I received a $20 gift voucher for Nike by B.I.R.D. but I have no idea what to buy! But maybe I’ll go take a look when I have the time.

And since Christmas is around the corner, my company has been busy preparing gifts and stuffs…

So today, I bought a wrapping paper! I’m gonna go wrap in a while. Hehe…

My GF computer

I now love my GF, erm I mean, the computer!

Cause it uses the freaking Radeon 4870! It’s overkill, but what the hell? As long as it’s the best, I only get it. πŸ™‚

CoolerMaster Hyper 212 – Continued

Temp at idle: 25 degrees celcius (ambient room temperature)

Temp at load: 44 degrees celcius

CoolerMaster Hyper 212 – My personal review

Hi all!

Guess what, I bought another CPU cooler! And this time it’s the CoolerMaster Hyper 212. It’s one gigantic cooler, so technically, my side fan needs to be mounted “outside” the case. And it currently looks FUGLY.

Anyway, here’s my pics…

Refer to next post for temperatures.

Radeon 4870

Dammit that Radeon 4870 for being the best, technically, THEY ARE THE BEST!

And I am fucking jealous that my girlfriend gets to use it!

Once I get a new job, I will get one for myself!

Damn I’m just a fanatic for super computers. πŸ™‚

P.S: Hoped you liked your new computer!