Interesting read on ISP BitTorrent blocking…

Saw this research web.

Check it out!


1. All hosts which observed blocking did so in the upstream direction (i.e., when the client host attempted to upload data to one of our Glasnost servers). Only a handful of hosts observed blocking for downstream BitTorrent transfers.

2. We found widespread blocking of BitTorrent transfers only in the U.S. and Singapore. Interestingly, even within these countries, most of the hosts that observed blocking belonged to a few large ISPs.

3. Both in the U.S. and in Singapore, all hosts that suffered BitTorrent blocking are located in cable ISPs. We did not see any blocking of BitTorrent transfers from DSL hosts in these countries.

Most (4,054 of 4,318 ) U.S. hosts that observed blocking are located in Comcast and Cox networks. In Singapore, almost all blocked hosts are connected using the StarHub network. While we did observe blocking for hosts in 110 other ISPs (43 of which are in the U.S.), we did not see widespread blocking of BitTorrent traffic for hosts in those ISPs.


My fishing trip catch report

Went fishing on 25/01/2008 – 26/01/2008 with my brother and his wife… And we caught 1 biggie! I would roughly estimate it to be 1.5kg – 2kg (cause the last time I caught a big fish was exactly 1kg, and this is definitely heavier).

Here are the pics!

Kaci Domor

Man with Kaci Domor

Caught that using my 1-day old rod! I just bought it the day before!

Equipment used: Daiwa Sensor Platinum 7ft, Tica Aries 3500 with 40lb mono

Rig used: Pulley

Bait used: Sotong head


One of our caught fish gets bitten off by another bigger fish! Take a look…


Recycling bins… NOT!

Take a look at this recycling bin, somewhere near my neighbourhood…

Does this look like a recycling bin? Look more like a recycling DUMP to me.

Stupid uneducated people… LEARN TO READ THE FUCKING SIGNS ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!

Singaporeans, taking things way too granted… I know there are cleaners or whatever-you-call-them to help you clear, but this is OUTRAGEOUS, DOWNRIGHT STUPIDITY! Government pays so much for recycling and this is what you give. Whatever lah…


I’m going fishing!

It’s been a while since I last fished!

So, I’m going fishing today!

Can’t wait on what I’ll land today. I wasn’t prepared at all. And that sucks! Oh well, I can make my preparations later when I’m there.

Wish me luck!

I miss helping people…

Last year, somewhere around Dec 07 – Jan 08, I had a new Apple device called the “iPod Touch”.

This device allows me to change the way I listened to music! So I started looking for information.

Then I realised that I’m not working! So I had a lot of time wasted on hacking and cracking and “jailbreaking” the device. That was a whole lot of fun.

Finally, I decided to set up a website, post all my findings. Eventually, I made it to the top, with a lot of forums citing my blog as a good reference, with easy to understand instructions. I feel obliged, plus IT’S FREE EFFORT, but nonetheless, worth it. I made a few loyal followers, my name went noticed, but I finally decided that it’s time to make something out of it.

So I switched to Blogger, where I can use Adsense and also signed up with some other advertising company. The response was weak, BUT THERE IS A RESPONSE. I was overjoyed, so I continued my legacy.

Soon, after I started working, my time spent on finding information and playing with it went awry. I couldn’t find any spare time to help people anymore! That’s when I went hiatus… for a very long time.

Occasionally, I still find people coming back to my blog for information. I could see that in my blog stats. I mean, can you believe that I used to hit 200k visitors in 6 months? No normal blog can get that much traffic as I do… the feeling was: priceless. Nowadays, I get an average of 300 visits per day, maybe due to lack of information.

Hopefully I start this jailbreaking scene like I’ve used to do it 6 months ago. It was really fun helping thousands of people out there. I feel like I’m useful.

I’ll re-think about this soon. I do miss helping people.

“Through These Mirrors” on Imeem


“Through These Mirrors” now online on imeem. Do check it out!

Here’s the direct link.

It’s 8:31AM (GMT +8)

And I’m still awake!

What? This is the time to wake up? No… You got it all wrong. I haven’t slept yet! 😛

Maybe I’ll sleep in the afternoon. Just in the mood to mess my biological clock.

As our dudes always say, “boleh fatigue siak!”