My old hard disk…

Word of warning:


I’ll tell you a story… *ehem*

One day, I found an external hard disk lying around around my house. Since it’s been “disposed” a long time ago, I took out the hard disk. And it’s not an easy task! Stupid “star” shaped screw heads made my life difficult… Finally, I got the disk.

Then I used a data recovery program to extract the information stored inside. Guess what I found? All “supposedly” lost or deleted data like pictures, songs, videos, etc… EVERYTHING! All my supposedly lost data, was found…

Data recovery works even if you have formatted the disk entirely.

Moral of the story: Do not throw away your hard disk without damaging it. You can damage it by dropping it from a height (corrupt the disk header), burning it using heat, or simply smashing it with a sledge hammer. Just kidding! The best way of cleaning your information is to degauss it, however it would cost you. The best course of action? Do not store your personally sensitive information inside your hard disk, or whatever data storage device (e.g. memory cards, sim cards, etc). Physically clean hard disks can be reused, and if fall into wrong hands, can be exploited for malicious gains.

You’ve been told.

For more read, check out this article regarding degaussing of hard disks.