I got the job!

At Chevron again!

Wheeeeeee… Gotta love being friendly…

Teach you a tip: Some people find that being nice or friendly in a workplace is BAD, but I’m telling you, it helped me!

I will commence on 1st March 2009.

Finally I can buy my own recording interface and start writing my own songs! Then I will revive Dermapthera and look for new members. Damn I just loved that name… Dermapthera…

Wish me luck!


Today is Friday, the 13th… So???


I don’t know why people are so superstitious about this glorious day. It’s just like any other day, including those Hungry Ghost festivals etc… No big deal.

Not that I’m boastful or what, but because of these “specifically selected date”, a lot of people are using it as an excuse.


Do not open your emails on Friday the 13th or else you’ll be infected with virus!

Do not go out alone at night because Freddy Krueger is out there!

Bla bla bla… I love Fridays! And especially today! Because… (continued to the next post)