C&I Admin Assistant

The last time I worked at Chevron, I was a Card Operations Admin Assistant. Now I got another offer at Chevron, making me C&I Admin Assistant. Guess my diploma is only as good as an becoming an “Admin Assistant” posts?

Anyway, since this job pays as much as my previous one, I got nothing much to complain. Plus, this job has overtime, so I might take advantage of the given overtime at my disposal.

Wish me luck!

P.S: Hopefully I can complete my class 3 license before this year’s Hari Raya. I’m sick and tired of the “superb” public transport.


Need For Speed Undercover

My sister’s budget comp managed to run Need For Speed Undercover at low settings with no problems!

– Asus P5N73-CM + E5200
– OCZ Lan Party PC6400 800 MHz 2 GB Kit
– Generic ATI X550 256MB (no brand, taken off my brother’s old Acer computer)

Gameplay was playable, no lags. Of course, eye candy was disabled.

Confession of a geek

I gotta be honest with you…

I got bored of the internet! It’s always p0rn, p0rn and p0rn.

Tell me, what else is there to see online? The only thing you see is naked bodies of men and women making love. I can bet with you 90% of the world’s internet user surfs the net for p0rn!

Anyway, back to the topic.

I felt like I have nothing to do online anymore. Last time, there used to be Friendster (the hype in social networking), but my friends got bored of it, and don’t tag me anymore. I was never a fan of Multiply, Facebook, Tagged etc… So maybe that’s why I was bored whenever I go online. Plus I hate remembering 1872 sets of passwords for every log in! (exaggerating)

My obsession is left with Project Rockstar and reading computer reviews. Yes, I still keep myself in touch with latest gadgetry, because I’m just a fool for technology! I should have studied engineering when I had the chance!

And since I’m going to start working again, I’ll have even lesser time online.

Oh another thing, I feel like I *wanted* to build another PC! This time, my budget is below $600, maybe AMD build. This PC is only used for watching movies, as I’m going to mount the spare 15″ LCD on my wall, above my bed. Nice setting isn’t it? I’ll have to continue looking for the stuffs I need, but judging from my sister’s current set up, I think that would be the best choice (cheap, and good).

So, my confession today is: I want a new PC! Low end one!

Now comes my lust. I want that Core i7 system can!? I get over jealous with people who has so much money in the world that they don’t know what to do with it, except buying new computer systems everyday! I want to live a life like that! 😉

*random stuff here*

– Asus P5N73-CM + E5200 (Intel set up) OR
– MSI K9N6PGM2-V + A64X2 6000+ (AMD set up)
– 2 GB Kingston Value RAM 667 MHz
– 500 GB HDD
– DVD Writer
– Slim case
– 400W OEM PSU

*even more random stuff*

My dream rig:

– DFI UT X48 T3RS + Q9550
– 4 GB OCZ Reaper 1066 MHz
– 3x 500 GB HDD (I wanna do RAID5 or RAID10)
– DVD Writer (don’t think I needed that Blu-ray yet…)
– CoolerMaster CM690 or Antec Nine Hundred or Thermaltake M9
– 1000W Modular PSU
– Wireless keyboard + mouse (I’ve been using wired since god knows when!)

Samsung DVD Writer SH-S223F error

Ok, here’s the deal.

I took back my brother’s new DVD burner, thinking that it could be some firmware problems. But turns out, even after updating the firmware, the problem persists!

Sounds like I need to RMA this thing. But I think I might as well buy a new burner. I’ll think about it. For the time being, I can’t burn anything until I buy a new DVD writer.

SH-S223F Nero Error