Happy simple overclocker


Just wanna say I’m one hella happy overclocker! I can’t believe I’m running 4.05Ghz on a 24/7 setting, which doesn’t burn my CPU. Well although I am able to run 4GHz with slightly higher temperatures, even after 8 hours OCCT test WITH NO ERRORS, I still experience random blue screens that I am unable to explain why. So, I’ve decided to stick to 3.6Ghz, while being justified it was indeed “work-stable”, compared to the higher clocked 4Ghz.

Oh, and if you say my CPU lifespan is already short, I’m gonna say, nothing lasts in the world. I plan to use my CPU for 2 years before I change it again 😛

Running at 1.42vcore is no joke. But it’s worth it since now it’s so much stabler. I can’t seem to justify using 1.20v for 3.6Ghz only!

CoolerMaster Hyper 212 FTW!

P.S: I will definitely change the cooler, thinking of the Thermalright Ultra 120. That shit costs a bomb (around S$100-S$120) if you ask me, and requires lapping for optimum performance. But it’s gonna be worth it. So, do you wanna try overclocking your E7300? 😛