Rock chick of the month – Krysta Cameron


Krysta Cameron

For her small built, she’s definitely has the vocal power.

Technically speaking, her screams can probably make you deaf. If my girlfriend can scream like that, I’d probably ask her to be my vocalist for a new band! 😛

This rock chick is from the band called “iwrestledabearonce” (yeah what the heck of a band name right?) but don’t judge the band by it’s name. This tight band plays experimental metal, which some people labelled them as “mathcore” because their song is very technically challenging.

And I thought the likes of Mudvayne, Meshuggah etc was the masters of weird timings!

Anyway, I love this chick when she’s wearing the specs in one of their music video (I’ve posted it in another post, stay tuned), and she’s looks kinda funky… I loike!


No internet connection

Hi guys!

I’m blogging via my mobile phone. Just to let you know, my blog is gonna be a little quiet because I don’t have an active internet connection.

So I will be back by next weekend when I get to re-establish my connection.

Damn it’s useless having a computer WITHOUT internet. I want my PORN!!

“The internet is for porn”

Writing songs

I’ve been listening to a myriad of bands to increase my riffs library that’s already stuck in my head (all I can think of is either Lamb Of God or Killswitch Engage riffing styles).

So I want to break the barrier and try technical. I’m still waiting for my pay to come so I can grab myself a recording interface so I can start writing my own stuffs and make it public.

Then I look for the right members.

Right now, I’m planning to set up a few bands.

– Metalcore, with female fronted vocalist. This female, she’s gotta be chinese. Why? I want her to have tattoos. Good for publicity. Plus tattooed girls are just SEXY.
– Rock, sounds like Chris Daughtry kind of music. Though I’m not quite a fan of slow music “yet”, I might consider
– Malay NuMetal. This one is tough. Especially being malay. So much for racism in our country.

So there you have it. My plans. They are just plans. It needs time before it became a reality.

iwrestledabearonce – Tastes Like Kevin Bacon

The Agonist – Business Boots and Combat Boots

Something to blog about…

chimpanzee_thinking_poster2I thought I wanna write about my favourite metal bands, especially their guitarist, vocalist, drummer, etc…

So I will write a entry called “Rock Chick of the Month” (just an example), so every month I will have something different to write about.

And I will write it on the last day of the month, so stay tuned if you want to find out who’s I’m featuring in the month!

P.S: I’ve been thinking to write it as “of the day”, but it seems that I would run out of content to write by then. We’ll start small first.

Straight Line Stitch – What You Do To Me