Rock Chick of the Month – Laura Nichol


Presenting this month’s Rock Chick of the Month, Laura Nichol from Light This City!

I’ve been listening to their tracks on my iPod recently, and she warrants a space in my FUGLY blog *cough*.

Anyway, Light This City is a mixture of Death riffs, aimed towards the more aggressive listeners. They do sound like Metalcore/Hardcore sometimes, but their blast beatings proved otherwise. Their heavy chugging riffs is sure to make your neck sore due to excessive unintentional headbangings. Apart from that, the vocals (the headline of this post), Laura Nichols, has good low ranges and is almost comparable to Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy!

You go girl! I was hoping to hear some clean vocals from this chick, but it seems that their musical directions are all scream/gores. Well, it’s good enough for me, I’ll be tuning back with their music day in and day out.


WordPress is now ok

Yey for WordPress!

And boo for SingNet!

Thanks to my sweet girlfriend for introducing to me this cool blogging tool. I’m officially in love with WordPress. 🙂

Anyway, the problem occured due to some ISP in Singapore, as highlighted by the WordPress team. They were super friendly, thumbs up for them!

I will probably start to spam my post soon now that my appearance for WordPress seemed normal again.

Until next time, calo!

Creative Vado HD


I’ve been thinking:

Since you like to travel so much, and you always need a video camera, I am currently considering buying you the Creative Vado HD as your birthday present.

However, you will need to convince me that you REQUIRE such a gadget.

This thing costs S$350.

And I think it’s worth it. Though I’m still skeptical at the reviews I’ve seen so far. None of them manage to capture my attention. The only thing I liked about the Creative Vado is that it’s slim and compact, and it can shoot High Definition videos in no time.

Something even my N82 can’t handle.

So, your birthday is like very near. I have a list of stuffs I can get for you, but this one seems like worth it to me.

Built PC vs Ready-made Branded

The other day, someone asked me why build your own PC rather than buying a ready-made ones.

Please see my responses below:

Build PC

Pros includes:
– Choice of many individual parts
– Better built quality
– Unique
– Expandability options
– The PC represents the owner’s personality
– Individual warranties which are normally 2 or 3 years (Some companies offers 5 years warranties. Most RAMs are lifetime warranty)

Cons invludes:
– Individual warranties, not very convenient
– Warranty process is harder and inconvenient, have to go through RMA (return materials authorization, or some called it return manufacturing authorization) process, which can be pretty daunting and can take up to 4-8 weeks
– Skill is required to identify quality assured parts
– Requires research on individual parts to be bought
– Higher maintenance cost
– Slightly higher buying cost (due to better product functionality)


Pros includes:
– Buy now, use now (ready made)
– Ease of mind, 1 single point of warranty
– Slightly cheaper
– No PC building skills required
– Smaller in size

Cons includes
– Unable to upgrade parts without voiding warranty
– OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, which means slightly lousy quality
– Doesn’t build to last, meant for mainstream
– Contented with performance until next PC purchase
– Short warranty (1 year), extended warranty cost a lot more

Well, it’s just that I have too many bad experiences with ready-made ones. They don’t perform as good as a DIY PC. There’s just too many restrictions and it can be pretty frustrating at times. Plus ready-made are normally tied to the brand’s “spam”. If you realise, they keep a partition of the hard disk to store back-up, which means if you wipe them out, you’ll void the warranty immediately. They also don’t issue you Windows CD for all you care, they give you a “recovery disc” which is pretty much as irritating itself.

Stick to DIY. Save yourself the troubles.

Check out “My PC” page

If you’re interested to know what is my specs like, or how much I spent altogether over the past few months, drop by that page.

Honestly speaking, after so much buyings I didn’t know I spent THAT much! 😛

My PC (again!) with my dust-free secret!

So I promised you pictures right?

I was bored, and I reworked the cables so it looked more manageable now. This will probably remain for quite some time until I changed casings and a use modular power supply. (probably will experiment sleevings and painting on this enermax PSU hehe)

Come and take a look. As you can see, I’ve covered all “dust-possible” holes and put in sponges. Very innovative of me right? Oh don’t ask me where I got those black sponges, because I stole it from somewhere hehehehe. Think you might find some in shady shops. 😛

And that white filter for the side fan? That’s from Daiso, and it cost $2. And this is only the second time I changed it, so I think the application can be used for at least 30 times. Worth the money I tell you, works better than sponge!

Anyway, this thing runs cool even though I overclocked it to 3.8 GHz @ 1.32v so it’s a nice feat! (staying under 52’C) And that new XLF-F1253 fan from Xigmatek is temporarily placed at the side panel, until I got 2 more to complete the whole transformation. 😉


Xigmatek XLF-F1253



Bought ONE of these, the new fan from Xigmatek. Reasonably priced too. And I’m sick and tired of blue LED. Time for a change.

This one has translucent fan blades with a rated speed of 1500 RPM for 61 CFM. Though I don’t know if these numbers are true, it doesn’t really matter to me.

The thing that mattered most is that this fan IS DEAD SILENT! I think my older CoolerMaster 90CFM fan is much more noisier. Maybe it’s the speed? (CM90CFM is rated at 90CFM for 1800 RPM)

Well, I’m hoping the stocks don’t run out too soon, because it’s really hard to find them!