Rock Chick of the Month – Candace Kusculain

candace_kucsulainPresenting this month’s Rock Chick: Candace Kusculain from Walls Of Jericho.

When I first got introduced to Walls Of Jericho, I was impressed by the sounds of heavy guitar riffs and breakdowns. So I thought it was really good music with lots of groove that sets me to the mood.

The vocals was superbly AWESOME! I was blown away! I don’t think many screaming/gore bands sounded as good as this chick is. Some parts melodic, other parts aggressive, simply my type.

And that tattoos? THOSE ARE SICK!

Anyway, be sure to grab their album calls “The American Dream”. A lot of great riffs to be drowned in.

You go girl!


Windows 7 Performance and Assessment

No, this is not about the Windows 7 performance…

But rather, their personal tests incorporated in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Take a look…


Windows 7 Test Drive

First thing I noticed: I can’t install Adobe Reader!

Microsoft should adopt Adobe Reader. (althought it’s owned by Adobe) Because many documents, especially manuals, are in PDF format. At least, Microsoft should come up with their own readers if they need to.

Now I can’t install stuffs on Windows 7 like I needed. Hmph!

Fail! +1

Windows 7

I’m currently downloading Microsoft Windows 7 RC (release candidate) 64-bit version as a try out and see if they lived up to expectations.

The download size is almost 4GB. But it’s worth the wait.

I’ve heard many news regarding it, and hence I want to personally try it myself. Since I have a spare disk to use, I will probably give it a try and see how it goes.

Till then, stay tuned!

Time issues

My computer time is messing with me! And I’m super pissed.

Real Tekken fight

I was feeling a little random, so I decided to browse YouTube for some wacky stuff.

Then I bumped into this.

Check it out!

P.S: Cool choreography.

Games for Ubuntu


Finally I managed to find my favourite game called “Frozen Bubble”! Now I can play it with madness!

Though technically Ubuntu doesn’t support high-graphics game without the use of a 3rd party emulator, I guess I can always switch to Windows if I ever want to play games. For now, if I’m on web surfing or just watching movies or stuffs, I’ll just stick to using Ubuntu at the moment.

Looks like it’s cooler than I expected, of course with the lack of many more useful things I can normally do with Windows.

Anyway, here’s a site of the list of games you can run on your Ubuntu.

To install Frozen Bubble, just type into Terminal:

sudo apt-get install frozen-bubble

See the screenshot of the game!

Screenshot-Frozen-Bubble 2-1

I’ll be back for more Ubuntu stuffs!