I wonder…

I’ve been thinking about my new song…

Ace likes it, but I’m still FAR from happy from it. Guess I need a little more inspiration from elsewhere.

Guess it’s time to sit down quietly and start thinking about the materials to put in. Stay tuned!


Stupid rot

Now I’m really rotting…

*counting down*

Addicted to Facebook

Finally, Facebook has something to offer me to keep me staying in it.

An application called “Rock Legends!” make me hooked into the Facebook for NO APPARENT REASON. All thanks to that game.

Ever since the inception of Project Rockstar, I’ve been waiting for another “mass multiplayer online music game” to come along… until I saw this.

Thanks Facebook and Serious Business for finally making me stuck to it. You’re going to earn revenue just as much as you have hoped from other users although it has been labelled as “free”.

Battle me!

Roadkill – Show Me (Official Video)

After 2 months of not following their progress on the song, they finally came up with an official video.

Check it out! (Best viewed in HD)

Recording thoughts

After several thousand attempts, I learned a few things:

– Drums can never be real. Unless I have a electronic drumset. This is due to the “human feel” a computer program is unable to perform such complexity. That’s why metal bands are always better than pop bands or electronic bands.
– Programmed drum tracks needs to “mellow” down the crash/cymbals. After hearing “real drums”, I think this is reasonable method. Plus extra work.
– Guitars needs more treble. Even the POD XT recording proved that the treble is lacking. I don’t think increasing the high frequency of the metalzone helps, hence audio editing is necessary.
– Since I don’t use a multi-fx gadget to get the sound I wanted, a few “cheats” is incoporated to get the best results. I will probably re-record my recordings and see how it works.
– Direct analog recording sounds more “raw” than digital sounds (e.g. from multi-fx gadgets like Boss GT-8 or Pod XT). Hence the level of raw-ness can be heard in recordings.
– Vocals have yet to be experimented. My stupid microphone is still missing!

I’ll post my new recordings when I have the time.

Recording: Like Light To The Flies (Cover)

I covered my favourite song.

And it took me MULTIPLE attempts. And the solo SUCKS! But anyway, what the fuck do I care.

Check it out!

P.S: When I can find my stupid microphone, I will record the vocals using my lousy voice. Until then, I’ll keep ya’all updated.

New Recording: Pestilence

Well, this song has been stuck in my library for god-know-when, so ever since I grabbed myself this new sound card, I wanted to record it so much.

Cause I ever jammed this song once, and it was forgotten for good. I have uploaded the sample.

Inpiration? Purely Lamb Of God style.

The first time I re-played this song, I was like “what the fuck? I didn’t know this song is so tiring to play!” And this is the first time I complained of tired fingers.

Do let me know what you think!

Check it out!

P.S: My pinky got cramped playing this. Too much riffing movements. =P