Finally… BOSS GT-8, my ex-wife whom I sold away…

I decided I should buy a piece of multi-fx pedals which I loved to bits.

Introducting, BOSS GT-8, the next best thing in line for multi-fx pedals. And trust me, this one runs with CMOS + Analog modes. Sound chim? Well, I only trust BOSS.

Other brands can go kiss my lovely ass. Nothing beats the sound this baby gives me.

Time to write some material and record via coaxial cables! Wohooo!!!


Another test post via MMS

This is good… Now I can write my blog using my handphone. Easier for me.

Anyway, check out Killswitch Engage new album. I still liked the older “style”. This one has more shrieks.


Multimedia message


Diproteksi: The Hardest Thing To Accept In Life

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