So true… so true…


Sorry I stole the comment. Very insightful. “Keyboard warriors”.


Such a long hiatus

Hi guys,

For my muslim brothers and sisters, wishing you a Selamat Hari Raya! Oh, wait… Guess it’s a little long overdue isn’t it?

Well, I went missing due to alot of reasons. One particular reason is due to the fasting month. It’s the month I wanted to find peace and tranquility. That’s why I decided to stop blogging for that whole month.

Secondly, I currently have a weak and EXPENSIVE internet at home, hence using the internet would be costly as I haven’t set up my broadband yet.


I will try to post more updates since now I’m a little free… but first, I need to get my god-damned internet up first! Mobile broadband is killing me slowly!