c2a5u-solo-picI guess you would be wanting to know something about me?

Well, for a simple start, I am a simple guy with a simple mind who enjoys doing simple things like blogging and playing computer games.

However, I feel that I am a “silent thinker” because I like to dwell into thinking about a lot of things, even if it doesn’t concern me at all. Sometimes, these “thinkings” made me go deep into thought, and try to figure out a conclusion out of it. Hence I never “think out loud”, because noone will ever understand.

Maybe I should use this blogging space as a place for me to think out loud. I don’t know yet…

*thiking about it*

Originally, it supposed to be my personal blog where I ramble about my daily stuffs, but that was back then when you were younger. Nowadays I don’t see a need to write a diary to remind me of events, hence that’s why you don’t normally see those things in my blog.

I tend to write about technical things because it made me sound intelligent. I used to write an old blog off Diary-X, and I can’t believe the command of English used! I missed those times, I knew I could be a good writer (noticed why I don’t encourage the use of shortforms or weird jargons), and I know that it’s frustrating reading something with bad usage of English. But nobody can be perfect in this world, and I’m not born an Englishman, so I guess I do have some major grammatical mistakes every now and then. I apologize deeply for that.

Well, there’s really nothing much about me that you would want to know yet. I’ll probably update once I have some other time, so in the meantime, don’t forget to add me into your blogroll if you have one! (oh, and let me know too!)

Cheers all.

With love,



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