The foot fetish got shunned by netizens

Well, see my screenshot for proof.


STOMP: No smelly people on the MRT!

No smelly people

I find this, amusing!

And simply utterly superliciously ingenious! I know SMRT will never do such a thing (as it’s unconsiderate and rude), but whoever pulled this prank must be a god gifted genius. And it’s clean too! I find this near impossible to pull, as there will never be a period where “it’s empty” in the cabin.

And I definitely think it’s done by a youngster. Aggressive yet creative, but using his creative mind elsewhere. I doubt “John Marko” is his name, I will never think that a caucasian (or whoever bears a white name) would have pulled this. It gotta belong to the Malay or the Chinese community as they complain the most in this country! (No racism intended, and complain-ers includes me!!!)

Of course, the last sign about the wheelchair and the angel seems a bit too much of an interpretation, but the original one, was just the best.

T-Shirt motif…

Think the next time I go out, I wanna wear this…


P.S: This is a sticky post.

Tetris, human version

Another intuitive rendition of the old classic!

Pacman, reloaded version.

Check it out!

We sell sheep, chicken, beef and…

I wanted to share this true story, shared by my friend, Dzul.

He relates his experience at his workplace (he’s self employed at a coffeeshop, this is a direct translation from his speech):

You know beside my stall was a satay stall. So one day, there’s a “white man” (assuming american) came to the stall and asked the stall owner:

“What satay do you sell?”

The stall owner said…

“We have sheep, chicken, beef and…” after a brief thought, he finally said:


I was holding back my laughter as the correct word for that was “beef tripe”. Although in malay, “babat” stands for “fats” or “cholesterol” or “fatty skin”, I didn’t really expect him to say “cholesterol” out of so many words to choose from.

Maybe next time, I will try on this… “cholesterol”. Sounds yummy.


The signboards were written in malay language, I’ll translate for you… (in order of: from left to right, top to bottom)

  • The Reason Why I’m Anti Motorcycles (title)
  • While I’m riding this bike
  • Suddenly, I saw a lady
  • We started to “have fun”
  • When she’s ready
  • She opened her left leg
  • Followed by her right
  • I went straight in
  • She praised my dimensions (refering to length)
  • And my weight
  • The action was intense
  • We tried different positions
  • And different speeds
  • Until I reached the climax
  • She shouted “STOP!”
  • She said she forgotten to take the pill
  • My lust went down
  • 9 months later, I had a call from the hospital
  • I’m a father now
  • My world is crumbling
  • So now, I choose only to walk