Diproteksi: Movie Poster

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If I have more money…

I’ll keep buying loads of stuffs.

Try them out for a day, then sell it off.

Motive? Well, there is a motive. But that can only be done if I have more money.

How to reach 50k page impressions like this!

Photography blog

Since my brother is an expert in this matter, I was thinking of setting up a blog under his name.

That blog, will share some camera reviews, tip and tricks, and most importantly shots taken of his hobby.

Will update when I have the blog ready.

Pyramid sales will always be a pyramid sales. Period.

As per title. Self explainatory. Why? I had enough. Don’t convince me, cause I’m not interested.

I’m disappointed.

No night snacks

Been surviving without dinner. Should probably do this everyday.

Random pic

Another pic.